As of June 2021, the market share of sites using WordPress has grown to nearly 42% of all major sites. As WordPress continues to grow, more attackers are targeting sites created with WordPress. Meanwhile, more security researchers than ever before are analyzing WordPress-based software, including plugins and themes, for vulnerabilities. This in turn makes the WordPress ecosystem significantly more secure.

Over 86 Billion Password Attack Attempts Blocked in the First Half of 2021*

Attackers continue to target older vulnerabilities hoping to exploit “abandoned” WordPress sites to host their malicious content or infect unaware site visitors. This serves as a reminder that attackers will target any site regardless of the content, age, and type as they are looking to steal a site’s resources for their own monetary gain.

Protecting Your Website

A quarterly website vulnerability audit keeps your site safe from exploits and attacks that continually threaten outdated or “abandoned” WordPress websites. In addition – the quarterly audit serves as an update to WordPress core, themes, and plug-ins, as well as a total backup of your entire website.

The Process

  • Create a full WordPress Backup & Implement a Test site
  • Update WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes {Test Site}
  • Test Updated Website incl. Form/Contact Functionality {Test Site}
  • Migrate newly updated test site to live server

The entire process is performed during non-peak weekend hours, which results in virtually zero web site downtime. Cost is $200.



*Source: The 2021 Mid-Year WordPress Security Report – Ryan Dewhurst & Chloe Chamberland