There’s a lot that goes into a digital marketing campaign; research, targeting, web design, content creation, and more. Any business this day and age that wants to be on top of the game in their industry needs to be strategic with their digital marketing plan.

While all of the basic components are essential in digital marketing, oftentimes businesses fail to understand the importance of analytics. However, analytics are basically the glue that holds the entire strategy together. Without a strong and accurate analytics system, there’s no way to tell whether your digital marketing strategy is effective.

what is google analytics

When it comes to analytics, Google offers a simple, clear, and comprehensive program. Google Analytics is the best way to understand the visitors to your website, including how many are coming, where they’re coming from, why they stay or leave, and more. This information is necessary to ensure that you have a strong and successful website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free analytics system that tracks and reports traffic to a specific website. Ths specific program is actually the most used service on the internet, with over 30 million websites taking advantage of the free program as a way to determine campaign and website effectiveness.

With Google Analytics, you can gain a great deal of information about your website. This information will help you understand how your site is performing, if it is optimized and performing well, and if there are any changes that need to be made.

Basic information that Google Analytics provides businesses includes how many active visitors, country of visitors, information on traffic channels, and how many visits your website gets every 30 minutes.

Google Analytics Information

Along with the basic details, Google Analytics provides users with a number of important details. This information includes:

  • Social media shares.
  • Most visited pages.
  • Average amount of time visitors spend on each page.
  • Number of unique page views.
  • Any events that occurred.
  • Play, Stop, Close, Pause on videos.
  • Search page opens.
  • Number of downloads.
  • Number of shares.
  • Number of prints.
  • How many visitors convert to a customer.

This information is necessary because it provides insight into how your website and any campaigns are being perceived by people. It helps you understand what, if anything, needs to be adjusted or changed entirely.

google analytics benefits

What Are Some Benefits of Google Analytics?

There are many benefits of using Google Analytics. It’s a free and easy way to keep an eye on your data and ensure that your campaigns and website are working for you and not against you. Here are two main benefits of using Google Analytics:


With the information that you uncover from the system, you will be able to make the most effective decisions regarding your website and other online channels. This means that you will have the data you need to increase the performance of your campaigns whether through making changes or doing more of the same.


When you are tracking your data with a top program, you’ll have access to reports about your business and your campaigns. These can come in handy when meeting with potential partners, investors, or shareholders who are wondering how you are performing.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

If you’re going to use Google Analytics, it’s important to know exactly how it works and how to utilize the most important features. When you understand the system, you will be best able to use it to develop an effective marketing strategy.

The first thing you’ll want to do is sign up for the program and then let it know what websites you want tracked. You’ll be able to head to the platform and run reports on your site data when you need.

As you use Google Analytics, pay attention to a handful of areas that will help you use the platform more effectively.

Look at the Long-Term

It’s important that you pay attention to the long-term data you receive from Google Analytics. Don’t worry about any data that is less than 3 months old. Pay attention to what’s happening in the long-term and if there are any patterns you can see.

Focus on Site Visitors

One of the most important pieces of data you’ll want to look at is your site visitors. Focus on information about where they are coming from, what they are doing, and how long they are spending on your site. This information will help you determine the overall effectiveness of your website and will show you where any changes need to be made.

Keep an Eye on Social Media Info

Social media is one of the most common ways for visitors to find your website, which means it’s essential that you keep an eye on the data that Google Analytics provides. Google Analytics will provide data on your website links that are being shared, the number of times each link is clicked, and which platforms are bringing traffic to your site. With this information you’ll know which platforms you should focus your efforts on and the type of content you should be creating.

Google Analytics is an important part of any digital marketing strategy these days.

It provides you with all of the information you need to design and execute a flawless campaign that brings traffic and conversions to your website. Make sure you understand how to use Google Analytics so that you can gain essential information.

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