We all know how important marketing is for businesses. It’s what gets people interested in the first place, right?

Think about when you scroll through social media and see an ad for a product, service, or company. What is the first thing that catches your eye?

That’s right, the pictures.

using images in your digital marketing

Humans love visual representations. 65% of people are visual learners. Over half the population prefers to learn by visualizing the topic. Not only that, but research has also shown that content that includes images receives a 94% increase in views! With this information, it’s clear that consumers love looking at pictures, and that pictures drive digital marketing.

Keep reading to learn how you can maximize your digital marketing and use your images efficiently.

image tips for email marketing

Email Marketing

A common way to market a product or service to people is by getting them on the company’s email list and sending them promotional emails.

You know how you get those emails from brands you buy products from because you entered in your email that one time to get a 20% discount and now, they won’t stop flooding your inbox? Yep, that’s email marketing.

Companies that want customer emails will use tactics like that to collect them. They may also only let you access certain parts of their website by entering your email. There are email-capturing tactics, and once your email is captured, you are now on the company’s email list. They can now send you promotional emails about sales, new launches, and other promotions until you hit “unsubscribe”.

Here’s the thing: when you’re working for that company’s marketing team, you don’t want the customer to hit “unsubscribe”. You want to keep them engaged and wanting more from the company. And what’s a great way to keep them engaged? Showing them pictures of what they need from your company!

Pamela Wilson, an expert in digital marketing strategies for small businesses, gives in her article, “Digital Marketing Images: 7 Simple Image Types You Should Try Today”, a few tips to make your email marketing images stand out. They are as follows:

  • Remember that the “standard width for emails is 600 px”
  • Use “responsive design”, meaning the images adjust their size according to the device they are being viewed on
  • Remove the height of the image from the HTML code to “make your email marketing image responsive”

Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform, using images on social media can help your brand. People are constantly looking at images on social media, and you can catch someone’s eye if you utilize your socials.

Pamela Wilson gives some more tips on how to make your images stand out on socials, such as:

  • Square images work great for most platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram
    • For Twitter, Wilson says to make sure your image “’ reads’ at a small size” so it still stands out to viewers even when it’s a tiny image
    • For Pinterest, Wilson recommends “simple, clear” pin art, since “most pins are first seen at the size of a postage stamp”
  • Use your brand colors, fonts, and logos
  • Make your profile picture your logo

Social media has become a popular way for brands to advertise themselves to many types of audiences. Using Wilson’s image tips, you can take advantage of the growing popularity of social media advertising!

digital marketing blog images

Blog Posts

Wilson also gives some advice about including images in your blog posts., calling it a “visual ‘ad’ for your content marketing”. Images in blog posts can make them more engaging and keep the reader hooked so they continue reading.

Here are the pointers Wilson gives about images in your blog:

  • Use photos that “illustrate the concept your content shares”
  • When including your brand colors, choose “opaque (solid) or translucent (see-through)” versions of said colors
  • If you wish to add text to the image, Wilson recommends adding “the blog post title or a quote from the content”
  • To reinforce your brand, “add your logo as a watermark”

Blog posts can be personal from the creator, so why not make them even more personal by branding them?

Other Ways to Use Images

Susanna Gebauer gives plenty of ideas for using images in your digital marketing in her article “Digital Marketing Images and How to Use them for Marketing Success”. Here are some ideas she throws in that you can try out:

  • Screenshots- to illustrate a process, show a tool, show a website or statistics, etc.
  • Memes- why not have some humor in your marketing? On top of making an impression, audience members share memes too, so your brand is being seen by more people!
  • Quotes- Images with quotes can capture attention and help people resonate with the speaker, so if you have an expert or someone well-known talking about your topic, include that quote with an image!
  • Infographics- pictures with statistics or important information can also be shared among audience members. People love having infographics as visual representations of the information they are sharing!
  • Presentations- a great way to share a lot of information and images in an organized fashion. They are also something people love to share, like memes and infographics!

What to Take from This

Using images in your digital advertising can skyrocket the number of people seeing and connecting with your brand. Images can resonate with people and can help them recognize your brand and remember it when they’re scrolling.

Using the ideas from the creators featured in this post, you can maximize your image use efficiently and effortlessly!

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